It’s electrifying!

Y4 have been having fun looking at battery-powered games and testing circuits this week.

Check out this fantastic homework, too!




Ending 2017…

What a busy term we have had! Sharks and Dolphins have worked so hard preparing for our Christmas performance and they are sounding beautiful. We hope that you will be able to join us in the Church on Friday 15th December. We will also be treating you to a performance of There’s a Snowman in my Freezer… by Ian McMillan.

In art we have been looking at the animal portraits of Ron Burns and creating our own masterpieces. We are very proud of the progress we have made as we have produced some extremely bold and striking images.




We have also been discussing the story of Balto and the Great Serum Race which is based on a nerve-wracking true story. Ask your children to tell you all about it.

We are looking forward to challenging ourselves in the new year with an exciting range of topics including: telling the time in French; experimenting with electricity in science and finding out why so many people live in ‘Mega – Cities’ in geography.

We would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Silly Billy!

Year 4 started off Book Week by looking at books by Anthony Browne.  We discussed different images from Voices in the Park and used our skills of inference and deduction to predict who the characters were and what they were like.


In the afternoon we shared Silly Billy with our grown-ups and worked together to make our own worry dolls.


Thank you to everyone who came to share the story and activities with us.


Amazing Egyptians!

What a busy start to Year 4!  The Sharks and Dolphins certainly got stuck in and worked with enthusiasm.

During Art Week we enjoyed making death-masks based on images of different masks in museums around the world.  Our pharaoh must have been very rich to afford so much gold!

The trip to the Castle Museum gave us an idea of how the pharaoh would have been  mummified – we saw some x-rays of the museum’s mummies.  We had a closer look at some actual artifacts and found out what an archaeologist  learns from the objects he or she finds.  We made stunning collars, fit for a pharaoh.  Finally, we helped prepare a procession for the new pharaoh.


In food technology we baked bread.  The idea was to make Egyptian-style flat bread, but our research showed that more people liked white, fluffy bread, so we got out the yeast.  After making a prototype, thinking about how to decorate the bread so it looked good enough for a pharaoh to eat, the classes enjoyed following a recipe to make bread.  They enjoyed eating their finished product even more!


At the same time, we have been thinking about how to keep our teeth healthy.  We left eggs in Coke, Fanta, orange juice, apple juice, vinegar, water and milk. There were some gruesome changes to the egg-shell.  It will make us think twice before drinking or eating sugary, acidic things!

Sharks and Dolphins

Year 4 have made a very positive start to the new year. We are really looking forward to our trip on Monday to Norwich Castle where we will be finding out lots of interesting facts about the Ancient Egyptians.

WE will be posting photos and information after our trip next week, look out for our next blog.convergent-dolphinshark.jpg.990x0_q80_crop-smart