Times-Tables Challenge

Today Dolphins have been competing for the title of queen or king of the Times-Tables Challenge! Who will it be?20180622_093310


The Lost Words

What a lovely week, word-searching, riddle-making and careful illustrating.

The children each found a word out in the school grounds and have used this week to write a riddle or kenning for it.  They have illustrated their word.  They worked hard and are proud of what they have produced.

They also learnt “lost” songs and circle games and worked alongside older and younger children on different arts activities.

Hopefully, these “lost” words will stay in the children’s memories for some time.






Hounds, sugar-beat and amber

Year 4 had a fantastic time at the Benacre estate on Wednesday.  In the morning they learnt how sugar-beat is turned into Silver Spoon sugar; went hunting for invertebrates; met some birds of prey and some very cheeky and friendly hounds.    In the afternoon they talked with the gamekeeper; found out how important wood is on the estate; dissected owl-pellets to find out about the prey in the area; learnt about working dogs and went on a fossil and amber hunt on the beach.

Thank you to everyone who helped with the day.