Hit or myth?

We drew what we thought a viking would look like…

then we found out that there is no archaeological evidence that the Vikings had horns on their helmets.  That idea was made up in 1876 by a costume designer!  It’s just a myth!

Well done, Erin, for remembering your research.

What! No pig?

Apologies.  I forgot the pig this week.  Perhaps you could design your own money box!

The children have some maths based around the subtraction methods we’ve been looking at.  We’ve been thinking about the most efficient way to tackle a question.

Mrs Head/Miss Boggis ‘s groups have spellings (Miss Thomson’s group get theirs on Mondays).

There is a new Pick’n’Mix menu and a sheet letting you know about this half term’s topics.

Hwk wb 5.11.

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pick-n-mix-homework Autumn 2

Holiday Homework

Please continue reading and practising your times tables.

As part of our work on Remembrance, we would like the children to think about who and what we remember.  Why are these things remembered?  How are they remembered?

For example:

we remember people who fought in World War I on 11th November at 11 o’clock and by wearing poppies;

I remember my holiday when I look through my photos.

The children could ask older members of the family about what they like to remember.

Note down ideas in your homework book to jog your memory when we work on this in class.


Miss McCann has also set a poppy challenge.  We hope that as many children as possible will make a fabric poppy that the Year Sixes will be making into a banner for the special anniversary the November 11th.





Hello, hello!

We have been investigating sound and made telephones from cups and string.

For the cup telephone, you need two people. One person puts the cup up to their ear and the second person says something through the other cup.  The string needs to be taut(pulled tight).  Repeat the conversation without the phone.  You will notice the conversation on the phone is louder but also blurry.


Talking around the corner is more difficult because the string might go floppy. This stops the vibrations travelling so well.  Always keep the string taut so the sound can vibrate.

Sharks & Dolphins